Kythera Hiking Report No.5

Kythera Hiking Project

Kythera Hiking Project

Kythera Hiking

Report No.5

November 2014
Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development

Dear friends,

It has been a while since we last updated you about the Kythera Hiking project. This doesn’t mean that nothing changed during all this time regarding the trails of Kythera. Lack of time was the main factor that made us decide to give more weight to the development of the network rather than its publicity.

In the following pages you will find a presentation of what has happened since our last report and what is next! The presentation is image heavy and text light.

Fivos Tsaravopoulos
Kythera Hiking Manager


Table of Contents

  • Trail M36 has been added to our network
  • Enhancement of Trail M41 in Mylopotamos
  • Sign-posting of the trail of the Castle in Antikythera
  • Documentary by the Korean Mountain TV about our trails
  • Book donation at the Library of Kythera
  • New way-marking system
  • Explorations for new trails
  • Hiking in Kythera with Greek mountaineering Associations

Trail Μ36: Diakofti – Agia Moni

Working closely together with Mr. Alekos Kastrisios, as well as with the Business association of Diakofti, we have opened and way-marked the old trail that linked Diakofti to the Agia Moni Monastery. It has been numbered with the code M36, and in combination with trail M37, it is a circular walk. The trail offers amazing views, and it is easy to ascend, as it has a very soft inclination.

The trail of Mylopotamos (M41) hides many surprises.

We have decided to unveil some of them! We have also worked on rendering the walk easier, by creating steps on the creek crossings and repairing some destroyed parts of the path.

Way-marking the footpath of the Castle of Antikythera

KIPA Foundation, in co-operation with the Paths of Greece team, has offered the sign-posting of the trail of the Caste in Antikythera. Thus, the visitors of the island will be able to explore the archaeological site, even when the archaeological team is not working there.

Documentary of the South Korean Mountain TV

In January 2014, Paths of Greece has presented Kythera Hiking on an International Hiking Conference in Jeju island, South Korea. Hearing about our trails, the Korean Mountain TV has decided to include our project in the first documentary on a series about sustainability and trails, around the world. In October 2014, the Mountain TV crew came in Kythera and filmed the island for about a week, using state of the art technology (hexacopters, underwater cameras etc.). The Mountain TV crew was offered accommodation by the Porto Delfino Hotel, was offered a car by Drakakis Tours, and the KIPA foundation covered the meals and their general support (guiding, translations etc.). The Documentary will be first shown on Korean TVs (and the web) in November 29th, at 10pm Korean time!

Book donation at the Library of Kythera

The KIPA Foundation has received a book donation for the trails project. The donation was partially re-directed to the Library of Kythera, in co-operation with Mr. Dimitris Koutrafouris. The total cost of the books was about 250€.

New way-marking system

Starting from trail M36, we have changed the way we way-mark our trails. We will not use wooden arrows anymore. Instead, wooden piles with vinyl stickers will be used, thus achieving cost-reduction and better durability. The metallic arrows will also be replaced by paint signs.

Exploring new trails to add them to the network

We have already explored some areas, for old trails in the following places. In about two years they will all be part of our sign-posted network of hiking trails. Mr. Alekos Kastrisios’ assistance was crucial in this!

In the region of the Lighthouse in Moudari. The trail will connect Karavas, the beach of Agios Nikolaos, the Lighthouse and Plateia Ammos (about 10km).

From Agia Pelagia to Diakofti. The trail will pass by the abandonned village of Freatsi, by the Maneas farm, by the old settlement of Vigla, and from the salt collection area of Diakofti (about 15km).

Alternative access to Paliochora from Trifyllianika village.

A trail from Kypriotianika to Mitata.

A trail passing by Aroniadika, Aloizianika, Friligianika villages. This trail will be created in co-operation with the Fos ke Choros Guest House as well as a local team.

Guiding in Kythera Greek Mountaineering clubs

Many Greek mountaineering clubs came to Kythera to explore our trails during these last months. Amongst them the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, the Hiking club of Athens, the Association of Friends of Mountain and Sea of Voula, the Greek Mountaineers and Nature Lovers etc. All of them had a very positive feedback about the hiking network and the beauties of Kythera!

The trails of Kythera and Antikythera are one of the best organised hiking trail networks in Greece. It is a programme run by KIPA foundation for about 4 years now. It is based on a lot of volunteering, on a lot of work, and on a lot of love for our two islands. To continue, it needs to be widely supported. At the same time, the trails will “help back” by attracting more quality tourism and enhancing the sustainability of the islands.

If you want to help us continue, you could transfer your donations to the following account. In case you would like to entirely sponsor a trail, please contact us on the email:

Bank Account uniquely for the trails project: Ethniki Bank Beneficiary: KYTHIRAIKON IDRYMA POLITISMOU KAI ANAPTYKSIS ΙΒΑΝ: GR38 0110 3800 0000 3802 9603 032 BIC/SWIFT: ETHNGRAA Account number: 380/296030-32

Kythera Hiking Report

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